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life is hard and then you die

I have no Idea what that means. Does anyone?

Multnomah Falls

We visited Multnomah Falls on the way up the Gorge. It's over 500 feet tall. Yes some dopes have fallen from the top.

Touring the Bonneville Dam

Fred and Faith Were pick as the perfect couple! She had the magnetic personality and he was the; well i'm not sure what he was, maybe copper wire? Anyway notice their the only adults in line.


July 4th 1969

Talked to Risky today. We are getting older but still remember shit. Things that never go away. I got to FSB JACKSON on the afternoon of July 4th 1969. To be honest I didn't remember till later what day it was. That night we got Mortared. Geo. Johnson and I were huddled together trying to sleep. We were new and had no poncho liner.

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